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When can you visit?

Kirby Family Farm, located in Williston, Florida, is a 501c3 educational facility and museum that is principally devoted to the exhibition of our examples of industry, science, and agriculture. Our primary focus is sharing these exhibits with at-risk children and others.

We use our museum pieces, and history, agriculture, industry, and science exhibits to offer experiences that not only educate children and others about the specifics or importance of the items we exhibit, but also to relate the struggle, efforts, and work to leading and developing in life. We share history, while educating and encouraging our future. Our goal is to help youth stay on track, or get back on track in life. Kirby Family Farm is open year around offering its outreach programs and educational experiences.

We offer opportunities to our supporters for private Field Trips, Group Outings, and other Special Occasions when available to experience our living museum and exhibits. There is not a charge. We only ask that if we can accommodate your request that you make a reasonable donation to offset the costs of your visit and support our mission. Please realize, these opportunities are limited so they do not interfere with our outreach programs.

Like many other educational facilities and museums, periodically during the year the organization invites supporters to come out for themed events as our way to say Thank you, educate, and raise awareness about the programs and mission of Kirby Family Farm.

We take the opportunity of these themed events one step further and use them as a teaching and practice tool that enables the teens and young people we work with to interact with strangers in supervised settings. They help the youth to utilize and share their knowledge of our exhibits. We witness the results greatly help to develop life skills that will benefit them in the workforce and daily communication with others in common society settings. These themed events include a Christmas, Halloween, Six Gun Territory Reunion, and Easter themed experience.

We are thankful for our supporters participation and while much education and learning are shared for all that are involved, it is important to note that less than 9% of our programs are spent on these themed events, while the other 91% is focused specifically on sharing our museum pieces and their history, agriculture, industry, and science experiences. If you would like to support our organization and attend one of these events, we encourage you to register as early as possible. Links to those opportunities are provided on this page.

Thank you so much for your interest in Kirby Family Farm! If you are considering getting involved in any way through volunteering or support, we encourage you to attend one of our themed events with your family. Your visit can be your beginning to being a part of our mission!

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