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Our Historic Railroad Collection

Helping children stay on track, or get back on track in life.

*This Page is currently under Construction!* 

Over 3,000 children participated in our outreach programs and events last year at no cost!


Recognized as a living museum, our historic collection is shared for the children to not only enjoy and learn about the pieces themselves, but also they are used as examples of how with love and care things can be restored, or saved from destruction, including children. Our collection currently includes 5 locomotives and 6 open air passenger cars.


See a piece that you would like more information on? Would you like to contribute to the railroad?

Email us at:



Below is a inventory and description of the historic locomotives in our collection.

Tracy Lynn (#19):

Our 1st locomotive!

Elizabeth (#3):

Last operated at Opryland USA.

Beatrice (#4):

Last operated at Opryland USA. Currently undergoing restoration, scheduled to operate for the 2017 Christmas train fundraising event.


Plymouth mining locomotive last operated at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. 


1954 Baldwin Air Force locomotive, donated by the US Air Force to Kirby Family Farm in 2016. At the time of it's retirement the Air Force informed us it was the oldest active locomotive at any Air Force installation in the world.

All contributions received are collected as a donation supporting the cost and development of the Kirby Family Farm, a 501c3 not for profit educational organization.


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