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Jeepin' In January

Camping Guidelines

This is family friendly camping so read the requirements carefully below so you know what to expect and what is allowed.

Space is limited and Campers must register in advance. 

Email us at to register and payment information.

Camping Rules:

EVENT AREA, VENDOR AREA, AND COURSES ARE NOT OPEN FRIDAY!  Campers will be allowed entry after 12 noon on Friday to get set up for the weekend.  Gate opens at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday for the courses. 

There must be at least one adult (21 years of age or older) on each site.  Eight (8) person limit per campsite.


Camping check in is available during the following dates/times: 

  • Friday – 12pm to 6pm

  • Saturday – 8am to 6pm


*Primitive Camping Only* $50 per night per site or $75 for both nights. Camping is available Friday – Saturday night. You can camp one night or both nights. Camping must be reserved in advance. No refunds. Camping will be in a designated area on the property.


All Campers must complete a camping waiver at the event prior to occupying the camp site. Waivers will be available upon arrival or can be completed in advance by clicking the link at the top of this page.

Generators are allowed. 

Occupancy is limited to ONE of the following groups of camping rigs:

*One travel trailer and two vehicles

*One pop-up camper and two vehicles

*Two tents and two vehicles

*One pick-up truck with mounted camping rig and 2 vehicles.

There is a trailer parking lot at the event location for your convenience if you are trailering your Jeep.

There is an eight-person limit per campsite.

No alcohol or smoking will be permitted on the property during the event.

No golf carts, ATV’s or side by sides will be permitted on the property during the event, with the exception of staff and law enforcement.

No one will be permitted to leave the camping area and wander around the farm except to attend the planned events on Saturday and Sunday. Security will be on site all weekend 24 hours per day.

Port-o-lets will be provided in the camping area.


Grills are permitted for personal use ONLY.


Campfires will be permitted at the campsites only in a raised fire pit with a mesh cover, no exceptions. A fire extinguisher must be readily available near the grill and/or fire pit. The grill and/or fire pit must be attended at all times while it is burning. Failure to comply with this will mean these privileges will be withdrawn from the campsite not in compliance.

Gates will close at 11:00 PM each evening with no re-entry or exit except in emergencies. All campers must exit the property by 6PM on Sunday.


Campers should bring everything they need for their intended length of stay. However, the City of Williston is only approximately 1 mile from this location and there are grocery, local restaurants, and other stores in the area.

Personal Food and drinks must be kept at your campsite only. It is NOT allowed in general event areas. 

While there is no specific time for lights out, for the sake of the families with smaller children camping on the farm we ask that noise be kept to a minimum after 10pm.


Below is a list of items we feel are the Top 10 essentials for campers.


1) Sufficient drinking water- You might get thirsty! Just sayin’!

2) Bug spray/ant granules- Yep, it’s a farm, on a farm are critters big and small. They especially like it if you leave crumbs around your campsite.

3) Off Deep Woods, or similar bug deterrent product- Have you ever felt like you were in a tent being buzzed by a Huey helicopter? Don’t worry that’s probably just a mosquito!

4) Flashlight- Uhh, do you want to go into a porta-potty without a flashlight at night? For that matter, do you want to go anywhere in the middle of nowhere without a flashlight at night?

5) You know, it’s always good to have a backup roll of toilet paper when camping, besides, the outhouse paper is scratchy anyway.

6) Benadryl- You know that stuff you realized you forgot AFTER finding an ant bed or Poison Oak on a nice walk.


7) First aid kit- All right Davy Crockett, you can never be too prepared for a boo-boo.

8) Food and non-alcoholic drinks for snacks or dinner.

9) Sleeping bags, Blankets, or other appropriate bedding. (Or you can just sleep on the ground.)

10) Shelter- This is a no brainer isn’t it, unless you REALLY want to camp like the cowboys. In that case just pick you a spot to call home for the night and grab a rock for a pillow. If not, Tents, RVs, or motorhomes are welcome. There are no hookups so units must be fully self-contained.

There are no refunds or exchanges for any reason. This event is Rain or Shine. All monies received are accepted as a donation on behalf of Kirby Family Farm, a 501-C-3 non-profit children’s organization. We recommend that you verify your dates with family and friends before selecting tickets. Tickets cannot be replaced if lost, stolen, or destroyed.


Have additional questions? Please contact us at


All monies received are collected as a donation supporting the cost and development of the Kirby Family Farm and its programs for education and at-risk children in whole as well as each individual activity.

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