The Scary Train

What is the Scary Train?

​​There is a legend that tells a tale of an old Carnival train that derailed off its tracks in the late 1800's, just south of the little town of Williston, Florida during a terrible night storm. When the townspeople came out the next morning it had completely disappeared. Or did it? Some say it reappears each year around the anniversary of that fateful night. Come discover the Lost Railroad and join Clyde the Conductor as you take a ride on the rails. Clyde welcomes you, or does he have something else in mind for you?

Once you've discovered Scary Train you'll find plenty of things to do, if you’re brave enough. All 5 complete Haunted attractions are included with your donation of $15.99 in advance or $20 at the gate. We encourage advance tickets to insure your visit on the night you wish to come. Tickets for each evening are limited and nights can Sell Out. It’s scary fun for a great cause!


2019 Attractions~

1) Lost Railroad: Climb aboard our Historic 1800’s Locomotive & Railroad. Clyde the Conductor will be waiting for you. Pray the souls of the lost Carnies don't find the train as you journey through the darkness. Is Clyde ready to protect you, or will he use you as bait? Will the lost passengers finally reunite with their souls for one last train ride to eternity taking you with them?

2) The Odditorium: You will enter an interesting boutique full of oddities, but something strange happens when the store clerk finds a hidden door leading to an unwanted adventure. Enter the world of Dr. Snorgorium and his creations and captures.

3) Abandoned Woods: Join a search party and hike through the Abandoned Woods. Beware as legend tells of the Clowns taking over the woods. They say the Clowns have built a hidden compound full of twists and turns and are said to be so demented they don't even like each other, much less visitors!

4) Trailer Park: You’ll be an unwelcome visitor when you enter "The Trailer Park of Terror". Pray you don't disturb the locals as you wind your way in and out through the old trailers, buses, motor homes, and more!

5) Dark Ride: Do you remember going to the county fair and riding the little haunted house ride? It was just a carnival ride, but the ride attendant with an evil stare and a dilapidated old ride car covered in grease, rattling and shaking along the old track made things more concerning. Then there is our old Dark ride… over 50 years old, it is said to be haunted. ​


The Lost Railroad is an intense environment with darkness, gunfire, strobe lights, fog machines, fire, live reptiles, spiders, other critters, loud noises, and small spaces! You may get wet! You are not allowed to touch actors. Actors will not touch you, you may experience a duster, grabber, or other harmless prop. This fundraising event on the farm is not recommended for small children.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Dates and Times of the Lost Railroad?

The Lost Railroad opens Friday, October 4, and continues on the 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26, and the 27th.

Gates open at 7pm, attractions open at 7:30. The first train ride is scheduled to leave at 7:30 and runs approximately every half hour. Entry onto the farm closes at 9:00 pm. Last train ride is at 9:30 if necessary and gates close promptly at 10pm each evening.






Can I get tickets in advance?
Yes, and it is encouraged! Space is limited for each night of operation. To best serve our guests and ensure that they are able to enjoy every aspect of the evening, we recommend advance tickets. Pre-registration also may allow you advance entry onto the farm. Due to last year's overwhelming success we highly recommend Advance tickets, plus it's a great savings!


Where do I get advance tickets?
You can get advance tickets at our Online Ticket Center.

In the event tickets are still available for a particular night, they will be available at the gate. Event nights are subject to be SOLD OUT in advance. If you plan on waiting until the day of the event PLEASE check in advance for availability.



How much are tickets and who needs one?

An all-inclusive combo pass is available in advance for $15.99. This event may not be suitable for small children. The all-inclusive Combo pass includes all 5 Scary attractions, the Lost Railroad Train Ride with Clyde the Conductor, Abandoned Woods, the Oddities Emporium, The Trailer Park, and the Haunted Dark Ride!

*Please note, these values are for advance tickets. If available, Gate pass will be $20.


On a tight budget? 

While we pride ourselves in being the best value for a full-size Scary Train experience in Florida, not to mention all the extras included in addition to the train ride, we realize some families are on a limited budget. We don’t want anyone to miss the opportunity to experience the Lost Railroad or any other event. We offer a Help us, help you program and it’s easy to participate. When you volunteer a day, you can receive an all-inclusive pass to use for yourself or share with someone else as a gift to come as our guest. Individuals, families, and groups are welcome.

For more details on the Help Us, Help You program, just email us at 


What does my ticket include?
Your ticket to The Scary Train includes,...

1) Your entrance onto the farm.

2) A featured, very uncomfortable, ride aboard our old-fashioned railroad with Clyde the Conductor.

3) Hike through the Abandoned Woods (it's believed the clowns took over the woods and are so indifferent they torment each other and all who enter).


4) Experience the Trailer park (take a stroll through the neighborhood).

5) Explore the hidden secrets of the Oddities Shop.

6) The Haunted Dark ride (it can be a shocking experience).

7) Live entertainment including the Zombie Circus.

​Additional costs include any food, games, or souvenir purchases.

What are will-call tickets?
Guests may need to pick up their tickets at our will-call kiosks upon arrival. Our friendly volunteer family members will be on hand to assist with will-call tickets. Please have photo ID and confirmation number for verification.

Are there any refunds or exchanges if I cannot attend?
There are no refunds or exchange. All monies received are collected as a donation supporting the Kirby Family Farm educational organization and museum and its programs for at-risk and special needs children. We recommend that you verify your dates with family and friends before selecting tickets. Tickets cannot be replaced if lost, stolen, or destroyed. Due to overwhelming demand, tickets are only valid for the event, date, and time for which they were issued.


What time should I arrive?
Gates open at 7:00pm. We cannot admit guests onto the farm or have food services available to you until 7:00pm. The first train leaves at approximately 7:30pm and run each half hour.


Where exactly is The Scary Train located?
It can be found at Kirby Family Farm, a 501c3 Not for Profit Educational farm located in Williston, Florida. On select nights in October search parties go out to discover the train and it's lost a Colony of Carnival folks. For travel directions, check out our Map & Directions.





Are there places to eat at the event?
You can expect to find a selection of snack and light meal food items available for purchase, including sausages, hotdogs, ribbon fries, boiled peanuts, and more. We offer picnic tables to enjoy your meal. Some food vendors only accept cash so we recommend bringing a little extra cash for your visit.


May we bring our own coolers with food and drink?
Sorry, we do not permit coolers or outside food or beverages onto the Kirby Family Farm. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises.


What about large groups?
We are able to accommodate any size groups with advance registration. Bus access is available. Groups of 50 or more with advance registration can ride on their own railroad car, groups of 200 or more can ride on their own train. For groups of 20 or more we can arrange custom package values that can include meal vouchers and additional featured activities. We encourage large groups to arrive no later then 6:30 to be able to enjoy the first train ride out, enabling them to enjoy other activities as their schedule allows. Group reservations and additional information are available now by contacting us at


What happens in the case of inclement weather?
This event is rain or shine. We do everything in our power to remain open for all event dates. In the case of high winds we may not be able to offer all activities for safety reasons. No refunds or exchanges to those who are unable to attend their scheduled night due to weather conditions. In the rare case of a cancellation, we will post a notice online, as well as update our main phone recording at 352-812-7435. Tickets for an upcoming date or future visit may be offered at the discretion of management in the event of a cancellation.


What can I bring with me?
Folding chairs and blankets are welcome. Profanity, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, and firearms are not permitted on the premises. No pets are allowed. Smoking and Tobacco products of any kind are prohibited.

Is this event wheel chair and stroller accessible?
The train is wheelchair accessible. The other activities are very primitive and to complete the whole experience it requires crawling, narrow passages, complete darkness at times, and other limitations. We recommend you use discretion as it is a farm and the terrain is as such.


Kirby Family Farm is open year around offering its outreach programs and educational experiences. Like many other educational facilities and museums, periodically during the year the organization invites supporters to come out for themed events as our way to say Thank you, educate, and raise awareness about the programs and mission of Kirby Family Farm.

We take the opportunity of these themed events one step further and use them as a teaching and practice tool that enables the teens and young people we work with to interact with strangers in supervised settings. They help the youth to utilize and share their knowledge of our exhibits. We witness the results greatly help to develop life skills that will benefit them in the workforce and daily communication with others in common society settings.

The youth and all the volunteers are passionate and dedicated to offering an experience you can remember!

These events benefit the programs and development of Kirby Family Farm. Kirby Family Farm is a 501c3 educational facility working with at-risk and special needs children. Last year thousands children visited the farm through various programs and events at no cost, thanks in part to great folks like you who believe in the mission of Kirby Family Farm. So come out in support with your family and having a great time!


All monies received are collected as a donation supporting the cost and development of the Kirby Family Farm, a 501c3 educational organization.

© 2019 Kirby Family Farm

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